NCAAW in Nashville!

The weekend was quickly approaching and my schedule was rapidly filling up. On Friday night after work I headed downtown to register and pick up my packet for the “4Kay” race to benefit Kay Yow, late North Carolina Women’s Basketball Coach whose life was taken too early by breast cancer. Saturday’s schedule began at 8am with the 4K, which is essentially 2.48 miles. Since I was scheduled to run 8.5 that day, the plan was to get up and head downtown around 6:30 to get in 6 miles before the race.



Let’s just say we didn’t quite make it to 6 miles prior to the race, but certainly got in more than enough miles as the day went on.

The 4Kay was probably the toughest 2.48 miles in the great city of Nashville. Many people tend to think of Nashville as being flat but if you ask any runner in town they will tell you otherwise! I am not sure of our official time, but what I do know is that I felt as if I was running it fairly quickly, and I was cold! Nashville weather cannot make up its mind this year.  By the time we finished our running for the day it was about 45 degrees.

10:30 is when the volunteering festivities began. We first helped check children in, from 11:00-1:00, for the Basketball Bounce; we checked names off of lists, made sure everyone had signed a waiver and received a t-shirt. At 1:00 all of the kids began bouncing the basketballs they also received around the outside of Bridgestone Arena. We got a little break after that, but at 3:15 had to be back to help with Tourney Town until 7:15. We helped rebound/retrieve basketballs at the children’s basketball area…it was a free for all. Needless to say, we were on our feet from about 6:30 am until well past 11:00 pm since we also headed out to watch the men’s basketball games that were on that evening.


Sunday did not involve any running…I could hardly get out of bed.  Sunday morning was for resting. That afternoon we went to the women’s games.  Notre Dame and UCONN, the two undefeated teams, beat Maryland and Stanford. Tonight’s game should be interesting.




Monday after work we ran 3 miles. It was about 50 degrees and tremendously windy but we made it through. Ginger even ran the first half mile but her run was cut short when we saw a pug on the loose.

Half marathon training continues this week… today is another rest day since we have the Women’s NCAA Championship game and don’t have time to run, but tomorrow will be a workout and Thursday we will be biking. I am looking forward to running with my dad on Saturday since we will be in town for Beth’s wedding!


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