I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now but haven’t known where to start. I decided that is irrelevant and I should just quit making excuses. 🙂

After the incident in Boston I have been thinking about how lucky I am that I am able to run. There are several articles and posts about the bombing that show the strength of the running community. It’s not just about the runners, but the spectators also.

Lately I have realized that I am lucky I have found something I enjoy; I have developed several wonderful friendships because of running. Today my favorite Hendersonville running buddy and I decided to start a run to follow the #BostonStrong<city> run that someone began in San Francisco. We will be running 3.5 miles on Monday night at 6:00 pm starting at Brixx in Indian Lake. Can’t wait to see the turn out. 🙂

This afternoon, while discussing the 12 mile run Lisa and I are doing on Saturday, she told me we would be running with another club in Lexington and having breakfast after. Sounds good to me. This course will be flatter than the one we usually do, and since I’ve been out for two weeks resting my foot and knee, this sounded pretty good. Well, not too long after that, she sent me a post from the Facebook page of her running group. Every running club in Lexington has been invited and all have responded positively. News crews and write-ups will be involved, too! Guess I better get ready!

It is so uplifting to see the support everyone has for each other. See, running IS good for you. 🙂


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