My Life Changed with Lyft

In May of 2013, I was in Indianapolis, preparing to run a half marathon. I didn’t want to forget anything, and the weather seemed colder than we had originally planned, so it was a little hectic that morning. We were running a little behind and didn’t particularly have time to figure out how three runners and a spectator would get to the start line without wasting more time parking the car.  The suggestion was made by Ashley that we take Lyft. Of course, three of the four of us didn’t know anything about Lyft.

“So you mean some person that we don’t know is going to pick us up here, take us to the start line and drop us off?”

“I don’t have any cash.”

“So it’s all done through our phones?”

We had lots of questions.

Ashley opened the app, requested the ride and before we even got down the stairs, she received a text notifying her that our driver was out front.

It was so quick and painless. We couldn’t believe how easy it was! From that point on, I was hooked. We took Lyft everywhere we went that weekend, even though we had two cars with us! I asked the next couple of drivers a few questions (while eating the candy they gave me), and decided to put in an application online. It wasn’t long before I was contacted, and I set up my mentor session with Puddin’. I couldn’t believe how friendly this guy was. He made it easy for me to meet him, in an easy and safe location and a time that worked for me.

He did a thorough check of my car and of me. He put in all the information about my license plate, etc. and then we did a driving test before he took photos of my car, my license and me.

Two weeks later, I received a text message letting me know that I was approved to drive. All I had to do was get in the approved Lyft area of Nashville and click the steering wheel icon that was now visible in my app, to turn on driver mode.

Because I live on the outskirts of Nashville I am not able to work every day but I try to at least drive every Saturday. It’s easy money but it’s also a great experience. I meet so many wonderful, interesting individuals; I always tell people the worst part about driving for Lyft is that I get into fascinating conversations with my passengers and then I drop them off to most likely never see them again!

If you have any questions about my start with Lyft, or becoming a driver yourself, please let me know. I am happy to help!