Trail Running, Spinning… Kindness in the community

Last weekend for Memorial Day, I was in Lexington; we did a lot of exercise in 3 days! On Saturday we did a 10 mile run with the group, beginning at the Arboretum…it was a fairly flat, shaded course, through neighborhoods…not extremely hilly, which is what I’m used to in Lexington!

On Sunday we did some trail running at a place which I believe is called Raven’s Run. We got about 3.5 miles in but of course it felt like more. It was great, though. It was beautiful…perfect weather. We even got some encouragement from some people we saw out there on the trails. That’s always nice 🙂

On Monday I went to my first spinning class…and LOVED it. I got what Lisa called “Triathlon training 101” and I’m not even signed up for one! We did the 45 minute spin class, ran a mile (I felt like I was paralyzed from the waist down for the first half mile of the run) and then swam. It was great!

With the humidity building…or just appearing out of nowhere, I have been having a little bit of a hard time getting my long runs in. Yesterday I set out to do 10 and ended up doing much less. I was on my way to mile two when I ran into my running buddy, who I thought was out of town. I turned around and finished her last two miles with her. Since I only got 4 in yesterday, I thought I’d do my long run today. Looking for something different, I decided to try out the Gallatin trail that I knew of, but didn’t know much about. I discovered that if I ran about a mile down the road from my house, it led right to the trail! I am very happy about my new discovery – someday I’ll be able to run or ride a bike (when I get mine tuned up or I purchase one) to the gym! I ran a very slow lap around Triple Creek Park as I toned down my jealousy of all the softball players getting started with their games.



It sprinkled on me a bit, and it felt wonderful. When I was almost back to where the path became road, a woman walked up to me and gave me a t-shirt and a pedometer.


She told me that she had been going out today and yesterday to recognize those who are out trying to improve their health in our community. How nice! I really enjoyed my run today, and although it was hard, I felt good about getting out there. That’s always the case, isn’t it? I never regret a run. 🙂