Marathon Training….

…officially done with week one.

Last Monday was day one of marathon training. So, for day one we went all out.

I made it a rest day.  On accident. An anniversary is not a good day to start training for a marathon…just FYI.

Marathon training week one looked like this:

Monday: Go to first date location, then test art skills with 20 strangers at Sips ‘n Strokes.

Tuesday: circuits at the YMCA from the Jillian Michaels book

Wednesday: run 3 miles and win a championship softball game

Thursday: circuits at the Y

Friday: 3 solo miles at Triple Creek Park

Saturday: rest day for me (Ashley did a triathlon with some co-workers and I photographed)

Sunday: 4 miles near the house in the sweltering Tennessee heat

Week one felt pretty good. The hardest part was the three miles I did on Friday because I ran by myself. Ashley and Sawyer went to the park with me, though, and met me about 5 minutes into my run to cheer me on, then they met me again at my turn around point, mile 1.5.  It was like my own 5k with the best cheerleaders!  After they met me at my turn around point they went to the dog park while I ran my last 1.5 hilly miles (95% of it was in the sun).


On the second half of my run, I picked some flowers :)

Week 2…here we come.