Paleo… 20

Water first thing in the morning! 8 ounces.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs and bacon made by chef grandpa

Snack: none

Lunch: turkey sandwich on sour dough with lettuce, tomato and muenster cheese

Snack: none

Dinner: same as lunch

***Again, I don’t always mention the water intake throughout the day, but water is so important!

This morning I woke up in Knoxville, Tennessee! Ashley and I got up early, left her grandparents’ house and went for a run at Jaycee Park in Clinton. The track is about a 0.9 mile loop that winds through some trees and has a fitness obstacle course set up along the path. Ashley told me ahead of time that the path was flat but that was indeed not true! We ran for 37 minutes because that was at the end of a loop and an easy place to stop despite what the training plan said: 40 minutes.


We headed back to her grandparents’ house. Today their family celebrated Christmas with her aunt, cousins and her brother. We hung out for a bit, had lunch with everyone and then opened gifts. We had a really nice day, overall!


That evening, Ashley, Chloe and I set out to find a Christmas gift for one of Ashley’s friends. We didn’t have any luck, but what we did find was a cool new hang out, a new hat, shirt and keychain. We had a great time and found a nice place called The Casual Pint to visit when we are in town!


With that being said, I have not been following the plan the way I should be. I have had a few things (including some bread and potatoes, neither of which are part of the plan) that I shouldn’t have had. I was doing really well with this until I went away on my work trip and lost motivation.

I am hoping to do my best to stick with it through the holidays, but really get serious about it when I get back from my trip to Chicago. It’s much easier for me to follow when the food is made ahead of time and no matter how the schedule changes, as long as I’m home or plan ahead, I have my meal laid out for me when I am ready for it. This is proof (not that I didn’t already know) that it is difficult to keep a healthy lifestyle when life gets in the way!

**Fun fact: water has become the second most popular drink for Americans. Fluid loss occurs continuously throughout the day. Dehydration occurs when someone’s water intake does not equal or outweigh their output. Remember, in warmer climates, in higher altitudes and in older adults, fluid loss occurs faster.


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