Paleo… 17

Breakfast: Lara bar and banana…. on the run

Snack: Lara bar (I think I eat too many of these)

Lunch: Salad with tuna on top

Snack: Apple slices

Dinner: An amazing strip steak with squash, zucchini and asparagus

I ended up eating my breakfast after I finished my exhausting swim. I wasn’t hungry ahead of time and didn’t want to eat just before swimming. I wasn’t sure how the workout would go so I decided to wait. I did drink some water ahead of time, though, because I always get thirsty when I swim. It’s easy to forget that when swimming, we still sweat and we still need water!

The swimming workout was great! I loved it, but it was very difficult! A friend of mine got me in the pool a couple of years ago and I fell back in love with swimming. I hadn’t pushed myself too much, though; all I did was swim laps. It had been years (about 15-20) since someone had told me what to do and given me drills to practice.

We were in a 25 m pool and we used two lanes; we had two people in each lane.

Here is what we did during our swim:
200 warm up
6 x 50 finger drag drill
400 free
4 x 25 hands down, swimming on our side to work on keeping our hips up. This was hard because I kept getting water up my nose!
2 x 25 with 1 hand forward (this should have been 4 but I had to leave early). I also missed the cool down since I had to leave to go to work.

David and Amy wore us out! I was hungry for the rest of the day! I was also very thirsty and made sure I drank a lot of water throughout the day. I knew I was dehydrated from the swimming, although I felt like I swallowed enough of it during the last two drills…


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