Paleo….day 11

***This week (days 8-12) I am not following the plan exactly because I am out of town on a business trip where most meals are provided by my company. I brought some food with me in case but for the most part will be eating what is provided.*****

8 ounces of water…first thing

Breakfast: two eggs, half of an avocado and bacon that had traveled a thousand miles

Morning snack: Lara bar

Lunch: chicken (sliced like turkey) and a few bites of the broccoli, chicken and spaghetti squash mix I had in my hotel room

Pm snack: banana that was bruised and needed to be eaten

Dinner: salad with amazing homemade salad dressing and three chicken wings

*I don’t always mention water in my posts but it is so important to drink a lot of water throughout the day. I usually try to drink 80 ounces on a normal day. The more the better.

I knew traveling would make this paleo diet hard but it has been even harder than I originally thought. I’m not the only one who skips the cinnamon rolls and bagels in the morning and replaces them with something from the hotel bistro, but it’s hard to not eat what is provided to you by someone. However, it’s good to see that some people are conscious of what they are eating though, even when it is “free.”

Anyway, I got downstairs with my bacon and avocado and ordered two scrambled eggs. I also asked the chef to cut my avocado in half for me which he did willingly. πŸ™‚ I am really enjoying this breakfast but I think a change up is needed and banana pancakes will be a good choice for the weekend. πŸ™‚

I headed over to day three of meetings/ presentations and around 11:15 I had a Lara bar. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to eat the lunch that was provided anyway, and I was getting really hungry.

Sure enough, lunch was barbecue sandwiches. I almost put my plate back but then realized I could probably eat a few slices of chicken. Imagine the comments at the table when I showed up with this.


Needless to say, I headed up to my room and took a few bites of my chicken/broccoli/spaghetti squash meal. I didn’t have utensils so I literally just had a few bites.

The presentations continued and in he afternoon I ate a banana. I had bought a few bananas when I got here the first night and they won’t make it back to Tennessee.

We had a special dinner tonight. We went over to Zach’s sports and spirits. We had drinks offered to us and a buffet once again. Pizza and chicken wings. I splurged on a few wings but mostly had salad.


The homemade dressing was fantastic!

I’ve been too busy with meetings to pay much attention to snack times. This really has been a challenge this week but it’s good for me. This is how life goes!


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