Paleo…day 10

***This week (days 8-12) I am not following the plan exactly because I am out of town on a business trip where most meals are provided by my company. I brought some food with me in case but for the most part will be eating what is provided.*****

I made it into the double digits!

Today was another day full of presentations and meetings. It was a larger group than yesterday as yesterday was just people from different locations within our little division.

For breakfast today I remembered that I had brought bacon all the way from Tennessee. I ordered two eggs from the bistro, which, once again looked more like four eggs, and ate my other half of the avocado along with my baked bacon. Delicious!

For my morning snack I ate a Lara bar. This seems to be the easiest thing to eat discreetly and quietly while in meetings all day. Apples and celery aren’t very quiet!

Our provided lunch resembled a thanksgiving dinner. We were offered (buffet style) turkey, salad, green beans/shredded carrots, beef tips, cheesecake and more. I had the turkey, beef and beans. With water!

My afternoon snack was dark chocolate. I’ve decided that since it’s allowed in moderation, I can have it three times a week. Let’s just say I’ve had my limit…..

Dinner consisted of small tuna salad croissants, ham wraps, coleslaw, broccoli and tomato in what looked like ranch dressing. I picked up the veggies, a wrap and a croissant. I ate the inside contents of the wrap and the croissant. The tuna was fantastic. The meat from the wrap, however wasn’t that great. It was ham, thoug, and I’m not a big fan of ham as it is.




I made it through the whole day without feeling hungry, once again. I was proud of my water intake today…I knew I had over 40 ounces before lunch and more with lunch. Water is always a hard part for me.

I’m excited to get to my two week point and find out if this is still working. :


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