Paleo… 9

***This week (days 8-12) I am not following the plan exactly because I am out of town on a business trip where most meals are provided by my company. I brought some food with me in case but will mostly be eating what is provided.

Water first thing in the morning!

Tiny workout: 5 minute yoga

Breakfast: two eggs, bacon and half of an avocado

Snack: Lara bar and apple with sunflower butter

Lunch: salad and my chicken salad wrap in a bowl that I did not eat yesterday

Dinner: Italian sausage, salad, grilled chicken and veggies

(these were the options: Italian sausage in marinara sauce, salad, penne pasta with marinara, grilled chicken, squash/zucchini/pepper mix, minestrone soup, pumpkin pie and some kind of pastry looking thing)

I hardly had room to do my yoga routine in my hotel room but I got through it. I feel better when I get up and move a little first thing in the morning so I knew it would be worthwhile. I headed down to the bistro in my hotel (this is all there is as far as restaurants go) and asked for two scrambled eggs and bacon. I had an avocado with me so I asked them to cut it open for me. I ate my two eggs (that looked more like four eggs) with my avocado and very greasy bacon.

I couldn’t finish it, but it was good, once I let the bacon drain a little. I guess I’m spoiled with my baked bacon at home!

There was a breakfast table set up in our meeting room but I couldn’t eat most of it (bagels and pastries and fruit- pineapples and cantaloupe) For a morning snack I had a Lara bar. Sandwiches and wraps were provided for lunch. I picked up a wrap and ate the meat and lettuce out of it.

There wasn’t much to it once I removed the wrap so I headed up to my room and had my chicken salad that I didn’t eat yesterday. Good thing the convention center where we have our daily meetings is connected to the hotel!

For my afternoon snack I had apple slices with sunflower butter. I had picked up an apple from the breakfast table in the morning. It was quite messy since I cut it with a plastic knife but it worked. I even got to share the sunflower butter with two ladies from work who thought I was crazy for eating something out of the ordinary. They liked it though. 🙂

Dinner was once again a buffet. I had a little bit of each thing I could have. It was very good! I had one piece of delicious Italian sausage, some salad, a piece of grilled chicken and a small pile of veggies. The food was great.

This day was one long meeting. All I did today was sit in a chair, walk to and from the bathroom, or two and from the buffet table.


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