Paleo….day 8

***This week (days 8-12) I am not following the plan exactly because I am out of town on a business trip where most meals are provided by my company. I brought some food with me in case but for the most part will be eating what is provided.*****

Water first thing in the morning

Tiny workout: 30 calf raises.
10 with feet pointed in
10 with feet pointed out
10 with feet pointed forward

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon and avocado

Snack: celery and sunflower butter

Lunch: chicken salad wrap

Dinner: plain burger with lettuce, tomato and guacamole, from Champs in Altoona, PA. I didn’t have any bread or cheese with this

I should have done a different workout this morning but I woke up late and had to catch a plane so I settled for calf raises. πŸ™‚

For lunch I had brought chicken salad wrap (in a bowl to facilitate eating on the road). It was packed in a bag designed to keep it cold. This bag was $4 at Kroger and I put inside another bag so it was a little less awkward to carry around. πŸ™‚


I was traveling with two guys from work who decided to stop at Bob Evans so I was sure I would need my chicken salad wrap. I walked into the restaurant carrying my Titans container with my food inside. I opened the menu just to check out what they had and realized there was a Cobb salad that sounded not only delicious but also Paleo-ish. I ordered the salad without bleu cheese and asked for the low-fat raspberry vinaigrette dressing (which, by the way, I don’t think I’ve EVER chosen over ranch).

The salad impressed me and I was happy with my decision. I of course drank water with my meal and when finished, grabbed my chicken salad and headed back to the car.

For dinner, we met up with several other people from our group. Some had also traveled in from our Tennessee office while the rest were from either our PA, IA or FL offices.

Beer and pizza seemed to be the popular choices, and yes I gave in to one beer on the company, but after that I settled on a medium-well beef burger.

I asked for the burger to come with no cheese and ate it without the bun. They did not have avocado but did have guacamole…so I had that on my burger.


I drank more water with and after dinner. Overall a good day without too many feelings of hunger.


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