Paleo….day 7

So here’s what I had planned to eat throughout the day.

Water…first thing in the morning!

Tiny workout… 5 minute yoga

Breakfast: omelet (which is more like scrambled eggs when I make it) with onion, tomato and the little bit of spinach we had left.

Snack: Lara bars

Lunch: baked tilapia a little GF teriyaki sauce on top, served with spinach

Dinner: grilled chicken with sweet potatoes that I loved! Normally I’m not a fan of anything sweet potato-related but I couldn’t get enough of these.

So… far this whole Paleo thing has been fairly easy.

Wait. It had beenhad been fairly easy.

Big challenge # 1 happened today. Tailgating for the Titans game.

We didn’t go to the game but still wanted to tailgate with our wonderful friends. We have a great group that gets together before home Titans games and hangs out. We play corn hole, of course, eat phenomenal food and catch up on what’s going on in each other’s lives.

So about that food. We eat amazing food. This time we had chili, made by Kathy, as our main meal. I skipped the crackers and chips, but had some chili. Beans are not Paleo, so I ate around the few that were in there. So delicious! We brought wine to drink since that’s the only alcoholic drink that’s Paleo, or allowed on the diet, and I didn’t even finish my small serving. Wine isn’t really my, uh, cup of tea!

I took a Lara bar with me but didn’t end up eating it. Had I been hungry, it would have been my snack.

We ate lunch when we got home and then just to keep the schedule straight, had dinner even though we weren’t hungry. I must say I’m glad we did because the sweet potatoes were fantastic!


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