Paleo….day 6

8 ounces of water first thing in the morning.

Small workout: 5 minute yoga exercise

Breakfast: banana pancakes!

Snack: carrots and sliced green peppers (I was busy today and never got around to eating this)

16 ounces of water by lunch

Lunch: chicken salad wrap

Snack: same as earlier

Dinner: beef tips and vegetable bake

Saturday turned out to be a busy day for me. I had a few errands to run in the morning before I headed into Nashville to drive for Lyft for a while. Just before I logged in to driver mode, I ate my messy, yet extremely delicious, chicken salad wrap. This wrap is great, but I felt like I could have probably eaten two of them. It didn’t seem filling but after a few minutes I felt satisfied and comfortably full.

*by the way… If you’re a first time Lyft passenger, enter code BRIANNA1702 in the payment section and receive $10 toward your first ride! For those looking for the most interesting job you will ever have, you, too, can drive for Lyft.

I drove for a few hours and then headed to “the studio,” Bloodworth Photography Studio, in Rivergate. My good friend, Nanette, was preparing to photograph a corporate Christmas party and I was going along to assist. It was early, about 4:30, however I quickly heated up my vegetables and beef tips and ate about half of it before it was time to leave. I took my carrots along for the ride and ended up eating them much later in the evening on the way home.

I was only hungry today because I missed my snacks and ate dinner so early. I think the amount of food would have been sufficient had I eaten it at the correct times.

I drank as much water as I could throughout the day. This is a vital part of this eating plan… Lots of water. I typically try to have water with every meal and always with me for the time in-between.


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