Paleo… Day 4

Drink 8 oz of water first thing in the morning!

Small workout: 10 pushups. Hey, these are getting easier!

Breakfast: sautéed onions and spinach with scrambled eggs and tomatoes (this was supposed to be an omelet, but… turned out more like scrambled eggs with the good stuff in it.

Snack: apple slices and sunflower butter

Lunch: Tuna patty with veggies (put tuna, egg, salt, pepper in a bowl…mix it up and make patties)

Snack: apple slices with sunflower butter

Dinner: grilled chicken, broccoli and spaghetti squash

I think the hardest part of the day for me is drinking water when I first wake up. When I first wake up I am still so weak and fatigued that I cannot even get my water bottle open without hurting my hands. It’s surprisingly difficult to grip the top and open the bottle! The first thing I want to do when I wake up is brush my teeth…not choke down 8 ounces of water. BUT, it’s part of the challenge, and I need to suck it up and do it because I accepted it on Monday morning.

I did my pushups right away. It sounds absurd but even after four days of doing this, pushups are getting easier. On Monday when I attempted to a few pushups, I did five and I was tired (I know, that is so very sad). I did all 10 in a row today and did not have a hard time with it.

Breakfast was delicious. It was supposed to be a two egg omelet, but I sautéed the onions and spinach, added the eggs and eventually the diced tomatoes. I looked ahead at the plan to see that eggs are part of breakfast just about every day. I am hoping I don’t get sick of eggs. There are plenty of ideas for breakfast on this diet, so if needed, ingredients can be changed around.

Lunch was really good! I enjoyed the tuna patty. I think I could eat this every day. 🙂

I was not very hungry today… I had the apples and sunflower butter in the morning, but in the afternoon I never even sliced my apple. I’m not sure how that happened….normally I am a constantly hungry person. This diet must really be a good one.

My plan was to do a yoga workout tonight but I didn’t end up doing it. I worked on a few projects around the house and had a much needed phone date. So, I’ll just accept it and realize that I’ll have to exercise tomorrow despite having a fairly full schedule of work, chiropractor appointment and dinner with friends at a Mexican restaurant. This will be a good test for me. I’ve been thinking about enchiladas all day and it isn’t even noon. I can, of course, only have meat and veggies… no beer, either!


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