Paleo… 3

First things first…8 ounces of water before getting out of bed.

Morning workout: Calf raises while brushing teeth. 10 with feet pointed in, 10 with feet pointed out, and 10 with feet pointing forward

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, 2 slices of bacon and half of an avocado

Snack: Lara Bar (chocolate chip cookie dough – my favorite!)

Lunch: veggie bake, and tuna with avocado

Snack: Lara bar

Dinner:  fish and veggie bake

Also…lots of water!


  • 8 oz before getting out of bed
  • 8 oz with breakfast

(Total of 16 oz – or more – before lunch)

  • 16 more ounces before dinner
  • 8 ounces with dinner
  • Hot water with 1 tablespoon of lemon before bed.This is part of the cleanse phase…

Day three of not feeling hungry all day…this is fantastic!   However, I do notice that I am pretty tired.  I did read in the blog I am following that it’s normal to feel tired. My energy should be back by day five.

I am a little sore today; I am not sure if it’s from Monday’s workout or from working really hard at the restaurant last night. I’m not used to being on my feet all day anymore!

Workout: I did a short P90X workout when I got home today. I am not following the P90X plan but I do choose a few of the workouts to cycle through.  I favor three of the workouts most – today I chose the UML workout which took about 40 minutes. It was hard! I’m already sore…we’ll see how I feel tomorrow….day 4.




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