Paleo…day 2

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, 2 slices of bacon and half of an avocado

Snack: celery and sunflower butter

Lunch: chicken salad wrap

Snack: celery and sunflower butter

Dinner: tilapia and cooked spears of squash and zucchini

I could get used to this breakfast! This breakfast keeps me full for hours! I am one of those people who is normally hungry all day. I can’t ever get full so typically I’m looking for some junk to eat by 9:00 am. On a normal day or when I’m trying to follow a diet. Always hungry. This hasn’t been the case yet, yay!

The sunflower butter seems to be quite filling. I had a few bites of it with my apples yesterday and I was full. However, the apples may have had something to do with it because it didn’t seem quite as filling with the celery.

I did cheat and have half of a can of diet coke. Yes, I am addicted…so I had a little to keep yesterday’s awful headache from reappearing. The diet coke is not recommended!

The chicken salad wrap, although messy, was really good!

I’m not a fish eater but I did enjoy the grilled tilapia. I put a little bit of lemon on it and it was just fine.

I did not do a workout tonight because I worked at the restaurant, washing dishes, for 5 hours. I think Today is Tuesday but we were busy enough for it to feel like a Friday! I was certainly worn out when I got home so I felt that I had completed the equivalent of a decent workout.

On to day three…


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