Paleo….Day 1

Paleo….Day 1

Last week, Ashley showed me a blog about someone who had done the paleo diet. The blog has all of the recipes, workouts, basically every step you need to follow for thirty days in order to be successful on this diet. I glanced at it and then forgot about it. She asked a few more times throughout the next couple of days, if I had read it. No, I hadn’t had…er..made the time.

Finally, she told me that we were starting this on Monday, so I decided I needed to read it to see what I was getting into. I found the blog to be very informative and motivating.

We spent all day Sunday cooking (well, I sliced, layered and packaged while she cooked) the meals for the next 7 days. Now I know why we have so much Tupperware!

Sunday night we took the obligatory (and dreaded) photos. I am hoping to have such great results with this that I am more proud than embarrassed to show off my photo in 30 days.

Day one.

I woke up and choked down 8 ounces of water. I can hardly open my eyes when I first wake up, so I didn’t think that drinking water was very safe.  I survived it though, and headed to the scale. I wrote down my weight, which I hadn’t checked in months. I can tell by the way my pants fit… I don’t need to know the number!

Breakfast.  Delicious! Scrambled eggs, bacon and half of an avocado. And more water. The food really was delicious.

Snack: an apple, sliced, with some sunflower butter.

I was not a fan of the sunflower butter at first, but it did grow on me.

Before lunch… more water.

Lunch. I’m thinking we should have waited to make this meal until it was time to eat it. I’m not a fan of fish, and this was certainly fishy. We had tuna mixed with avocado. Salt helped a little but still didn’t mask the fishy taste and smell.  The second I finished it, I brushed my teeth and went on with my day.

I forgot my snack when I headed back to work, so I had to make it through without my typical crackers and diet coke that I have in the afternoon.   I ate it when I got home from work. Half of an apple and the rest of my apple butter. By this time I enjoyed the sunflower butter so much I scraped out every last bit. 🙂

Dinner was grilled chicken and spinach. It was just a little bland so we added some gluten free barbecue sauce and it was good to go.  We had more water, of course, too.

More water before bed…16 ounces.

Overall a good day! I didn’t feel hungry much throughout the day, and normally, I am always hungry!


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