30 miles in 4 days

For weeks, Ashley and I had been preparing to run 20 miles on Saturday, September 27 (my lovely mom’s birthday). The plan was to fly in to Chicago on Friday night, arrive around 7:30 and have my brother pick us up. We could have easily been in bed by 9 or 9:30. That all came to a screeching halt just before 1:00 on Friday afternoon when I received a message saying our flight had been cancelled. WHAT?! No matter what time of year it is, or what the forecast is, there is always an issue when we are trying to fly in to Chicago. All flights were cancelled in the Chicagoland area due to a fire in an air traffic control tower. So, instead, we drove 500 miles and arrived just before midnight. Needless to say, the 20 miler planned for Saturday turned into 10 miles since we didn’t have the energy to wake up nor did we have the time to run 20 miles before two weddings (both were amazing, btw, and I’m certainly not just writing that because one of the beautiful brides will read this :)).

I was determined to get in a 20 mile run, though, so Ashley came up with an idea. We would get 20 miles in between Monday and Tuesday. On Monday night (13 days prior to race day) we ran 13 miles; then, on Tuesday, I did 4 before work and 3 at lunch time (those 3 were the worst part) in the 85 degree beaming sun. However, my goal was to get 20 miles on my feet, and that I did. NOT EASY. We did not start until about 6:30 on Monday evening since we had to wrap up some things from the weekend (like picking up our four-legged children). The weather wasn’t terrible but the route we chose was a little difficult. The first part of it was something we had done many times. We knew where the hills and the mile markers were. However, we weren’t prepared for the sun to go down.

The last 6 miles or so were on a sidewalk that led to a busy road. By the time we got off the sidewalk and had “just a 5k” remaining, it was dark. It’s a little scary running on a 6 foot wide shoulder with semi-trucks passing just a few feet away at 60 mph… in the dark… Plus we were exhausted and hwy 109 is all uphill going that direction. We cut through a subdivision for our last mile and finally made it home.

Monday morning, my biggest battle was getting out of bed. Even when I finished, it was still dark outside. I ran out two miles, turned around and ran back. I had run this route several times but unless I’m alone, I usually don’t run with my phone so I don’t have a camera. I thought I would take the opportunity to capture the little bit of positivity I had with about a mile left to go.

(I have a photo I will add if it ever uploads)

For my 3 mile run, I ran from my driveway to the post office and back. This route is a little hilly, especially just before and after the turn-around point. Another negative feature is the sidewalks. There are a lot of driveways along this route and the sidewalk dips at every driveway, which is a little uncomfortable, especially for fatigued legs.

Wednesday evening we did five circuits which consisted of mostly arm/core exercises. Ashley did sprints at the end, and I did one before I decided I just wasn’t ready for it. Everything from my knees down hurt so I figured I better take a break. Even now, my arms are in quite a bit of pain!

Next run: Saturday, October 4 in Charleston. We signed up for a 10k which we will do twice.


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