Six, Six and Five

Training is in full force now. I think we final have the rhythm down – good thing since we only have a few weeks left until race day…

We started trying hard to get a good night of sleep on Thursday. Hydrating all week was also a top priority. On friday night I put a handful of our little 8 ounce plastic water bottles (thank you, Costco!) in the freezer and was pleasantly surprised to see that Ashley had already done the same. We had plenty of water bottles to put out on Saturday morning on our race route.

Saturday morning we woke up early and were downtown by 5:45, ready to place water bottles and AdvoCare packets out. Ashley did the driving and I was the designated hider-of-the-water-bottles. We put water around miles 3.5, 5.5, 9.75, 11.25 and 13.5. We put AdvoCare packets out at two different locations and had some in our belts as well.

The AdvoCare packets that we take are packets of Rehydrate.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 11.41.24 AM

They’re essentially the AdvoCare version of GU, which a lot of runners use. Personally, I like these better because they are bigger and I think they taste better. I have only ever used GU during races because it is given to runners, but I take these packets with me religiously on runs. They’re great for replacing electrolytes and carbohydrates that are needed to get through the run. I find that I do well when I take them after every 4-6 miles.  For the record, if you are interested in trying some, let me know and I can help you out with that. 🙂

When we started the temperature was a little cool at just  62 degrees. I didn’t realize that it was cold until I got out there, so I wasn’t ever really able to warm up. Sounds surprising knowing there were 17 miles involved, right?

The route wasn’t bad. We followed the Country Music Half Marathon route for the first 13 miles and then added four miles on to the end of that. Mentally, we took our friend Joana’s advice and broke the run up into three parts. We focused on the first 6 miles, then miles 6-12, then, finally, only 5 miles left. Once we hit that final water stop we knew it was the last leg of our run.

The weather, the route, the light traffic and the surprising number of other runners out really made a positive impact on this 17 mile run, which we had been a little scared of! When we got to what we thought was the finish, the watch didn’t quite say 17 miles, so we even did an extra loop to finish it off.

For the remainder of the day on Saturday we took it easy. There was a lot of time on the couch in between the run and our dinner plans with some friends celebrating a new job. Sunday wasn’t bad at all for me; we went to the football game and hung out with some friends. Monday, however, it was very uncomfortable for me to sit in my desk chair at work. I felt just fine on Tuesday.

This Saturday will be “only 12” miles…


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