15 miles broken up over 1 day

Sometimes it’s okay to break up the miles as long as you do them in the same day.

Saturday called for 15 miles. We ran out and back to complete 8 miles in the morning with Debbie at Drakes Creek, and at 7:00 we ran 7 more from the house.

The weather was extremely humid and although we thought we would be covered by clouds in the morning I was thankful I wore my SPF shirt. 🙂

A few months ago, thanks to my mom, I got a COSTCO membership. I purchased a huge case of small water bottles for a small price and find that those bottles are fantastic for run routes. We have found a few good places to leave water bottles along the route and these little bottles are just the right size. This way we don’t waste any water nor do we find the urge to drink more than we should while we still have a few miles left to go.

Sunday was a rest day and that’s a good thing because my feet still hurt!


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