24 day challenge…

We started our 24 day challenge today. As part of that, I got on the scale this morning, and, well, let’s just say I hope that when this challenge is over, the number is lower. 🙂

Around 8:00 this morning, we stopped at the gas station on the way to Mount Juliet (where Ashley referees kids’ basketball games), and picked up some orange juice to mix up our fiber drink. The product (packet) can be mixed with water or your sugar-free drink of choice.  Juice, specifically orange, seems to be the most popular choice, since it covers up the texture, as most of us already expect to have some floating pulp in our orange juice.  I mixed up the drinks and we drank them up before we made it to Mount Juliet.  I highly recommend drinking it before the orange juice gets warm, by the way.

To continue on with the 24 day challenge, I finished up my Spark drink, which was the fruit punch flavor.  It tasted great and it was much better for me than Red Bull or anything else like that that I could have picked up at the gas station this morning. 🙂

I usually try to run while I’m out here near the greenway, but today I thought I’d take a break.  We have to run 3 miles either today or tomorrow, but when we left the house this morning it was snowing and 23 degrees; I didn’t think I’d want to run at all today, especially since I already have a bit of a cold.  If I’m going to run a marathon, though, I should just suck it up, right? 😉

We have been sticking to our plan and completing our Nike workouts/running and I feel good! Let’s hope it continues!


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