Mile Markers

I started reading the book Mile Markers a long time ago. In fact, too long ago to want to mention. My life is busy, and I have a hard time finding time to sit down with a book and read.

When I read books, I often find myself wanting to write down quotes from the author to save and share. With this book, I think I do that with every sentence! Amy recommended this book to me probably a year ago, and now I know why.

I want to share the part of the chapter I’m on that sticks out most today….the one that sums up my motivation for the day (by the way we ran the “mo run” this morning… ).


Kristin mentions getting to share her grandma’s 90th birthday with the family. Her grandma still lives at home alone, with several stairs, no bars in the bathroom and no walker or cane. My grandma celebrated her 92nd birthday yesterday. She still lives at home by herself as well… As a birthday present to herself she remodeled the bathroom in her bedroom and it looks like it has a few things that will keep her a little more safe. However, that’s it! She’s still driving and doing her own shopping. She still has lunch with her line dancing friends occasionally. They surprised her with this cake a week or two ago (not sure where the picture went).

She has always been an inspiration and motivates me to stay healthy. She raised four kids and kept healthy by walking down the road each morning until just a few years ago.


There is so much motivation in this book! I have to make myself read it….


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